Graziano Martin


2018 - Present

LinC group is a national network that allows companies and building specialists  to offer efficient solutions to property owners

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2017 - Present

ECOBONUS.NET is a national solution that allows property owners to make buildings more efficient without paying out

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2017 - Present

a super-proven cloud solution to convey marketing content adapted to individual market segments.

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2016 - Present

Credit protection for virtuous condominium owners. Experience from the NPL market and real estate enforcement procedures thanks to the collaboration with law firms, born in 2016, and still current and consolidated in a project named SERVICOND from 2019.

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2015 - Present

develop of G.ECO channel as a focus of gmaeleven

Business focus areas for the future is the G.ECO channel (Green Economy channel) since 2015 with a more efficiency on cos(Fi) energy calculation

2011 - Present

Fulfillment company in management service with depth expertise in :

  • G – Graphic | drive the right custom campaign
  • M – Marketing | alternative go to market ways .
  • A – Accounting. | temporary management-call

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2003 - Present

The Computer Luggage Company

Country manager with responsibility of P&L of the region assigned. Plan developing and results assessment. Define strategy customized by sales channel and manpower (sales team).

The Computer Luggage company ltd, trading as techair

2001 - 2003

Targus Italy sales manager

I started as Retail sales manager and, in 2002 I was assigned the role of sales manager, reporting to the country manager and to the Targus emea HQ for pan european activities

1997 - 2003

key account manager ICT

Responsable of north east of Italy market for the first big distributor of ICT in Italy, Opengate S.p.A.

1994 - 1997

key account manager HORECA

Sales manager for large account retailers such as despar, coop, carrefour besides the development of food & snack areas of pubs and wine bars. Only frozen foods for ITALGEL with brands like Gelati Motta, Antica Gelateria del corso, Surgela, La Valle degli orti (today Nestlè)

About Me

Curious and attentive, with a strong attitude to flexibility and enterprising. Son of art in the field of photography. I obtained a graphic design diploma in 1987 at irfop. After the military service back in ’89, I embraced the world of trade on behalf of third parties and today I run my own company. Strong skills in marketing and communication.



Finanza Agevolata, bandi, PNRR, fondo perduto, CLUB deal


Special Purpose Vehicle - SPV - L.130/99

D.Lgs. 163/2006-D.Lgs. 50/2016 (directive 2004/17/CE e 2004/18/CE)


DL. QUATER 11/22 art.121 - L38/23 of DL 11/2/23

Develop COMPENSA project
Artt. 1241 & 1252 Italian rules of compensation or offset


L. 178/20 art.1 comms 60/74 - CILA110 art.33 DL77/21

L.220/12 - Property 1125 cpc: Cass. S.U. n. 4806/2005; conf. Cass. n. 17014/2010 e Cass. n. 27016/2011, Cass. n. 10199/2012 e Cass. n. 5889/2001,


DL 34/20 - L. 77/20 art.119/121​ - L. 77/20 art.119/121​ - blockchain / token regulation -

ecobonus / efficiency programm


IVASS & OAM regulation introduction

GEIE Regulation CEE n. 2137/1985 - 25/7/85


blockchain / token regulation


DL 179/2012 - L 221/2012 // L. 154/2016

J.E.S.S.I..C.A. - (Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in City Areas)

E.L.EN.A. – (European Local ENergy Assistance)



L.232/16 for tax trading regulation



NPL market

L.220/2012 - 1129 cpc

1129 cpc - G.U. n. 293 del 17/12/2012 dis. att. 663



Nand technologies

non newton material fot IT and SPORT market channel


Deloitte company balance management

L. 173 of 17/8/05


no limit boat license


advanced course Access & Excel


English course


TV terrestrial & satellite systems


graphic designer (off line)at the I.R.Fo.P institute

Contact - Martin Graziano


ERP / CRM - opensource system 85%
team management 79%
marketing 89%